Solicitation Description

BARDA is requesting project proposals from product developers for the advanced clinical development and assessment of Next-Generation Therapeutics for COVID-19. BARDA has previously identified a capability gap for therapeutics that provide protection through pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and treatment against new SARS-CoV-2 variants. The purpose of this project is to partner with developers and other organizations to advance the clinical development of Next-Generation Therapeutics for COVID-19, specifically treatment.  The goal of this project is to provide better COVID-19 solutions and bolster preparedness and response against future health security threats.

Submission Information

A receipt confirmation will be provided by email. Offerors may submit, or re-submit, in advance of the deadline. Neither the Government nor the RRPV CMF will make allowances/exceptions for submission problems encountered by the Offeror using system-to-system interfaces. If the Offeror fails to submit the full submission prior to the deadline, the submission may not be accepted. It is the Offeror’s responsibility to ensure a timely and complete submission.

Solicitation Details

Amendment 2:

Issued: 15 April 2024

Due: 13 May 2024 by 1pm Eastern

Changes: Extends the proposal due date from 29 April 2024 to 13 May 2024, at 1pm Eastern.

Amendment 1:

Issued: 1 April 2024

Due: 29 April 2024 by 1pm Eastern

Changes: Extends the proposal due date from April 8, 2024 to April 29, 2024 at 1pm Eastern.

Original RPP Release:

Issued: 21 February 2024

Due: 8 April 2024 by 1pm Eastern